Policy of Corporate Governance

PDI conducts its business in compliance with “The Principles of Good Corporate Governance,” published in 2012, and outlined by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. In doing so, we at PDI have demonstrated our commitment to these accepted standards and have fostered the confidence of our employees, our investors and all stakeholders involved in our operations and business endeavors.” Our Audit Committee, by means of the “Internal Audit Department”, supervises financial statements, internal control and practices of good corporate governance to ensure compliance with our vision, values and policies. PDI has also endorsed a Code of Conduct including an Anticorruption Policy to which all executives and employees are assumed to comply with, in conducting business and business related affairs. We have installed a Nomination and Remuneration Committee to supervise the process of director nominations and to recommend fair and reasonable annual remuneration for the Board of Directors, the subcommittees and the top executives. To ensure efficient and productive business operations, a Strategic Committee has also been established to oversee our strategic plan, prior to giving recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The Company has proceeded in other areas as well, in an effort to be recognized by all our stakeholders as ensuring good corporate governance as enforced by the Stock Exchange of Thailand.