We shall conduct all business operations with righteousness, integrity, in accordance with the ethical principles, using policies that promote proactive openness to control at every stage of every process.



We are committed to accomplish our duties in total compliance with contractual and legal obligations.

We also are committed to creating awareness of the efficient and economical use of resources by placing utmost importance on environmental management and social well-being



We are committed to achieving excellence in management, products and services and enforcing continuous quality improvement through constant knowledge acquisition. We will strive to generate innovative ideas in response to continuously changing local and global conditions.



We believe in teamwork and are confident in the potential of our people. Teamwork is fostered by encouraging all staff to respect each other’s roles and to help each other, with the ultimate objective of nurturing a united organizational culture.


Our Vision

To be a leader in developing, driving and growing sustainable businesses
in Southeast Asia

Driven by innovation and balanced concerns, we maximize added value for our clients, with respect to our people, our ecosystems and the environment.
We support the communities in which we operateand give the best possible return to our shareholders.


Goal and Strategy

In 2017 will continue its diversification strategy in sustainable business. PDI aims to realize additional successful projects, balancing mergers, acquisitions and green field projects while carefully considering operational and investment expenses.

PDI will carefully execute the make-over plan for all its sites, based on ceasing the zinc operations and the start-up of new business.

In 2017, PDI will assure successful execution of the critical success factors for all main identified projects:

  1. Launch PDI Metals trading business to serve domestic customers after ceasing conventional zinc operations,
  2. Revamp the PDI Mae Ramat Solar farm and build the Solar farms in Japan,
  3. Start construction of PDI-CRT in Rayong,
  4. Obtain permits for PDI Tak Eco

Beyond 2017, PDI will transform from a Thai single-focus industrial company into an Asian multi-business holding, with a growing portfolio of industrial investments in Energy, Materials and Eco business.