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Padaeng Industry Public Company Limited (PDI) believes that the company’s success and prosperity depend on ethical practices which are adhering to rightness and integrity in doing business. In addition, all employees have to conduct all matters ethically. Through these manners, the company can attain its objectives and fulfill commitments to other parties.

To ensure that all PDI employees – both management and staff – perform in a manner consistent with the company’s principles, PDI’s Business Ethics and Employees’ Codes of Conduct are put together called “Code of Ethics of PDI”.

Business philosophy

Padaeng Industry Public Company Limited’s business philosophy of integrity, rightness and ethics incorporates the objectives and commitments as follows :

PDI intends to operate with maximum efficiency in order:

  • To provide Products and services that meet standards and satisfaction of consumers.
  • To yield a satisfactory return to shareholders.
  • To give employees job security and career development opportunities.
  • To contribute to the continuing development of the nation and to the increased well-being of the community.

To achieve these objectives, PDI undertakes the following commitments:

Commitment to consumers
PDI commits to provide Products and services of the quality that meet standards required by consumers and to deliver them on time and at a reasonable price.

Commitment to shareholders
PDI commits to ensuring profitable, secure operations that yield an attractive long-term return.

Commitment to employees
PDI considers its employees to be the company’s most valuable asset and commits to ensuring competitive compensation with appropriate benefits, opportunities for career advancement, and safe and healthy working conditions.

In undertaking the above commitments, PDI has to ensure that the interests of all parties – i.e. consumers, shareholders and employees, must be balanced. Interests of any party must not be excessive to the extent which results in an unfair share of the other.

Commitment to the nation and to the community
In conducting business, PDI is always concerned with its obligations and responsibilities to the nation, to natural resources, and to the environment. In addition, PDI has a constructive role to play in initiating and supporting activities that contribute to the benefit of society and local communities.

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