Company profileCode for armed guards policy

Padaeng also has a policy regarding armed guards. The policy is as attached hereunder.

Article 1 – general

In the performance of their duty, armed security guards at PDI shall respect and protect human dignity and maintain and uphold the human rights of all persons.

Article 2 – the use of force

Security personnel at PDI may use force only when strictly necessary and to the extent required for the performance of their duty. In carrying out their duty, security personnel shall as far as possible, apply non-violent means before resorting to the use of force and firearms. Firearms may only be used if other means remain ineffective or have no promise of achieving the intended result.

Armed PDI security personnel will provide warnings, if appropriate, when firearms are to be discharged

Any use of force by armed PDI security personnel will minimize damage and injury, and respect and preserve human life.

If force is unavoidable PDI armed security personnel will ensure that assistance and medical aid are rendered to any injured or affected persons at the earliest possible moment.

PDI will, where practicable, encourage the deployment of non-lethal incapacitating weapons. In every instance in which a firearm is discharged, a report will be made promptly to PDI management and the competent public authorities.

Article 3 – personal conduct

PDI will not tolerate that any of its security personnel inflict, instigate or tolerate any act of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment on any other person.

Article 4 – treatment of persons in custody

PDI security personnel shall ensure the full protection of the health of persons in their custody and, in particular, shall take immediate action to secure medical attention whenever required.

Article 5 – respect of the Code and Thai law

PDI security personnel shall respect the law of Thailand and the present Code. They shall also, to the best of their capability, prevent and rigorously oppose any violations of them. Armed security personnel who have reason to believe that a violation of the present Code has occurred or is about to occur shall report the matter to their superior authorities and, where necessary, to other appropriate authorities or organs vested with reviewing or remedial power.

Article 6 – training and support

Padaeng Industries shall ensure that all armed security personnel are selected by proper screening procedures, have appropriate moral, psychological and physical qualities for the effective exercise of their functions and receive continuous and thorough professional training. Their continued fitness to perform these functions should be subject to periodic review.