PDI’s Human Resources Department has continued to implement its plans to support the zinc mining and smelting business closure in 2016 and 2017. This has led the company to achieve its 3 objectives:

  1. to maintain performance standards while zinc business is discontinued;
  2. to provide guidelines for employees to plan for their future;
  3. to create better understanding among staff and partners about the business strategy and the plan to cease conventional zinc business.

In June 2016, the Company terminated the employment of most of the staff from the Mae Sod mine, in line with the mine closure plan. Additionally, it ceased the employment of 77 people at the Tak Plant and another 50 at the Rayong Plant in December 2016, in line with the plan to discontinue the zinc business. PDI carried out all these activities with care and consideration of the impact on its employees and external service providing partners. Their personnel includes the plants’ doctors and nurses, staff in the canteens, cleaning service contractors and bus service contractors. With clear and consistent information from the Company, they were all able to prepare themselves for the expected changes.

PDI realizes the importance of its employees to the future growth of the Company. Using various communication channels, the Company has listened to the staff’s opinions and concerns so that it can find ways to help and take care of them as if they are members of the family. Apart from the compensation specified by the law and the additional financial support, PDI organized vocational training accordingly the needs of each office, with a budget of Baht 2.6 million. Furthermore, many seminars were conducted to offer knowledge and advice to the leaving staff on how to manage their finances, taxes and debts, how to prepare paperwork for their social welfare and benefits, as well as how to fill in the one-time income tax form when they had to leave the Company.

Even though PDI had to cease employment of over one-third of its staff in 2016, all work units maintained their efficiency and achieved their targets without any workplace accidents. The Company’s assets were handed over and managed properly.

2016 achievements exceeded targets, reflecting PDI’s professionalism and the staff’s understanding of the changing business strategy. In particular, the staff that had to leave the company before retirement age performed their work efficiently in full cooperation, although they realized that the work they did would be their last mission. They also expressed their bond with PDI and their wish to support the new sustainable growth businesses.

Restructuring to Support the Zinc Closure Plan and to Welcome New Businesses

During this period of change, PDI restructured its organization and manpower to support the zinc closure activities and the various new investments. The restructuring process was rigorously managed with emphasis on the highest efficiency. Many employees were asked to take more and different responsibilities. In other cases, jobs were combined to match the remaining work during each period. The commercial department restructured into PDI Metals to support zinc metal trading business. PDI invested in a Business Development Center adding manpower to support projects that will create new business quickly. Highly potential experienced staff was selected from various backgrounds to join the new Business Project Development Team.

From the strategic restructuring in 2016, PDI made 288 members of staff redundant, after recruiting limited numbers of new employees with appropriate knowledge and experience for the new business ventures. Starting 2017, 546 staff members continue, mostly at the Tak plant and in Bangkok. Some people remain at the Mae Sod mine and the Rayong plant until the end of 2017 to assure proper closing of all operations.

Staff’s Potential Development to Support PDI’s Businesses in the Future

In 2016 and 2017, 4 of 11 members of the executive level staff will retire. PDI decided not to replace them but to redistribute their responsibilities at different levels and functions in the organization. Internally recruited personnel has been enrolled in individual development plans to expand their work knowledge and their management skills. Additionally, PDI has prioritized English language skills of its corporate staff at all levels, realizing that most of its future businesses is linked with overseas companies.

PDI has also increased the knowledge of the teams that will be responsible for developing and implementing its new business projects, through seminars and field trips for knowledge sharing with leading companies. Seminar topics included ‘Human Resources Management of Holding Companies’ and ‘Trading Company Business Models’. Moreover, meetings have been held to exchange ideas among the staff of various units. This will finally lead to work integration and more efficiency, required to support PDI’s future new businesses.

Staff Occupational Health and Safety

PDI’s staff members are all very well informed on the Company’s strategy to discontinue conventional zinc business and to invest in new businesses, including the manpower reduction plans at all offices. During the entire make-over period, PDI remained concerned of the impact on its staff and paid increased attention for the staff to work carefully and safely. The company complied strictly with its policy and guidelines on occupational health and safety standards to prevent, solve, and manage situations, outlined under OSHAS/TIS 18001.

PDI is pleased to report that in 2016 no work accidents or any work related sicknesses occurred. All staff professionally maintained their performance standards, adhering to the occupational health and safety principles. They fully cooperated in implementing the activities laid out in the annual Health & Safety plan:

No. of Staff Working on the Occupational Health, Safety and Work Environment Committees

Level Bangkok Tak Rayong Mae Sod
Executive 1 2 0 0
Managerial 0 3 3 1
Supervisory 2 6 2 4
Operational 2 0 4 4
Total 5 11 9 9
Total staff 71 464 84 59
Percentage 7.0 2.4 10.7 15.2

PDI’s Occupational Health and Safety Activities in Various Offices

Project/Training Results Office
1.Prevention of accidents from vehicles – Drivers use vehicles according to safety practice.
– Zero vehicle accidents
PDI-Mae Sod
2.Outstanding management of occupational health and safety in each unit since 2015 – Each unit managed its own occupational health & safety.
– Staff took part in the prevention of accidents and sickness from work.
– PDI received the National Occupational Safety and Health Award for the 9th consecutive year.
PDI-Mae Sod
3.Campaign to promote safety at work and to implement suggested projects related to quality, occupational health, safety and environment – Staff and contractors are aware of safety and take part in managing quality, occupational health, safety and environment. PDI-Mae Sod
4.Training in Basic Fire Fighting and Fire Fighting Teamwork – Staff members are able to use basic fire-fighting equipment in case of a fire.
– They are able to work as a team to handle a fire.
PDI-Mae Sod
5.Training in Forklift Maintenance and How to Drive Forklifts Safely and Correctly – Staff members are able to use the forklifts correctly
– They can provide basic maintenance reducing possible loss of time and property.
6.Training on Life Saving and First Aid – Staff members are able to provide first aid in case of an incident in their work unit. PDI-Mae Sod
7.Training on Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment Committee – To comply with the laws.
– Committee members now understand their roles and responsibilities and can ensure staff works safely.
PDI-Mae Sod
8.Training on Safety from Electricity – Staff members know how to choose appropriate equipment to protect them self while dealing with electricity.
– They are able to help save other person’s life and to provide first aid for was electricity related accidents.
PDI-Mae Sod
9.Training on Work Safety Related to Testing National Skill Standards of Building for Electricians Staff members know how to prevent risks for electricity works. PDI-Mae Sod
10.Fire drills for high rise buildings – Staff members know what to do in case of a fire in a high rise building.
– Staff members can use fire extinguishing equipment correctly in case of emergency.

Safety Indicators

Indicator Unit PDI-Bangkok PDI-Tak* PDI-Rayong PDI-Mae Sod
2014 2015 2016 2014 2015 2016 2014 2015 2016 2014 2015 2016
Frequency of injuries Lost time work injuries per 1 million hours worked 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.89 0.90 0.00 3.52 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Severity of injuries Days lost per work injury 0.00 0.00 0.00 16.04 36.9 0.00 10.57 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Total staff People 76 74 71 532 516 464 94 87 84 200 196 59

*No. of staff means PDI’s staff and employees.
**Based on the criteria of the American National Standard Institute