Anti-Corruption Policy

Committed to sustainability and excellent corporate governance, PDI rejects all forms of bribery and corruption, be it direct or indirect. Our policy is based on a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.

We at PDI believe that our established and recognized image of integrity and honesty enables us to sustain excellent relations with all our stakeholders. Every single person in our company is necessary and needed to support us every day in meeting that commitment.

PDI expects it is the obligation of every director, manager and employee to strictly comply with all policies and practices stated in our Anti-Corruption policy, based on a mandatory, not optional basis.

PDI’s policy will be communicated to every person we deal with to ensure they clearly understand the company’s vision and policy, and to encourage them to adhere to our anti-corruption principles.

“Our success is driven by Sustainability values and will be deprived of Bribery and Corruption”

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Anti Corruption Policy