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Padaeng Industry was established on April, 10,1981 and was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on July 21, 1987 and was converted into a public company limited on February 4, 1994. In 1996, the company increased its registered capital to Bt2.26 billion, which was fully paid-up in 2000.

Right Of Shareholders To Propose Annaul Agenda Including Questions And Suggestions Nominate Qualified For Director Position

1. Right of the Shareholders to Propose Annual Agenda Including Questions and Suggestions and Nominate Qualified Candidate(s) for Director Position
2. Shareholders Meeting Agenda Proposal Form Including Questions and Suggestions
3. Director Nomination Form

Shareholders Information

Document for the Shareholders’ Meeting

1. Invitation to the 2017 Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting
2. Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
3. The curricula vitae of the nominated persons
4. Company’s Articles of Association relating to the General Shareholders’ Meeting
5. Documents Required Prior to Attending the Meeting, Proxy, Registration and Voting
6. Map of Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
7. Proxy Form A (Simple Form)
8. Proxy Form B (Specific Details Form)
9. Proxy Form C (For Foreign Shareholder Appointing Custodian in Thailand)

Report To Set

24/02/2017 Clarification on Company’s performance of the 4th Quarter and Full year 2016
23/02/2017 To convene the 2017 AGM meeting and 2016 dividend payment