The PDI Eco business group focuses on environmental management.

The most important project under this group is PDI Tak Eco, a joint venture between PDI Tak Eco Co., Ltd. (a 100% subsidiary of PDI) and Dowa Eco System Co., Ltd. (a 100% subsidiary of Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd.). The venture was formed in 2016 with PDI holding a majority share of 51%. The Company aims to manage 50,000 tons per year of industrial waste from the Northern and Central regions of Thailand.

The feasibility study of this project has been completed with positive results. The design of the plant not only meets internationally-recognized standards, but also maximizes protection of the local communities’ quality of life and environment. The project has continuously gained the acceptance from the surrounding community and Environmental and Health Impact Assessment (EHIA) is progressive.

The project is located close to PDI’s Tak Plant and is expected to start commercial operations in 2019. The total investment is 600 million Baht, of which 240 million Baht equity.

As this project is located in the target area identified in the Department of Industrial Works’ strategic plan on industrial waste management, it has received full support from the Department in a memorandum of understanding signed on April 19, 2016. Under this memorandum, the Department of Industrial Works will support PDI with information related to industrial waste and advice on policy. This is to ensure that the waste management will be in line with the various laws and regulations and will not create a negative impact on the local environment and communities.