The technical service department at Padaeng Industry regularly visits customers on both service and courtesy calls, providing a range of technical service for zinc-using customers such as galvanizers and die-casters.

Plant engineering and technical consulting

Plant engineering and technical consulting services include alkaline, acid, and flux bath management; zinc-bath management; laboratory analysis for galvanizing plants; basic design of feeding systems for the design of moulds; PQ2 principles on zinc alloy die- casting; and, zinc recycling management.

Problem solving

Padaeng Industry helps its clients to solve technical problems about processes and products

Chemical analysis

Padaeng has certified laboratories available for chemical analysis on samples of customer’s zinc kettles, zinc furnaces or customer’s products. The company provides essential tools to assist customers in two main production scenarios. Quality and productivity monitoring for the prevention of technical problem, and technical problem solutions.


Padaeng Industry provides training for clients’ workers or technicians on basic techniques and engineering related to galvanizing and zinc die-casting. The programmes are designed to refresh, update or transfer technology to the client’s customer’s workforce.

Contact Technical services

Monreudee Dejsukdipol
Tel : 02(+66)-695-9342
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