Padaeng Industry Public Company Limited (PDI) was founded on April 10, 1981 as Southeast Asia’s leading producer of special high-grade zinc metal and customized zinc alloys, mainly supplying the Thai industry.

From 1984 to 1995, PDI entirely relied on zinc ore supplies from its own Mae Sod mine in Tak province. In 1995, PDI started to import overseas zinc ores as a main feed for the Tak refinery. These imported raw materials are transformed through calcination at PDI’s roaster in Rayong, prior to being shipped to the Tak refinery.

In 2008, PDI embarked on using recyclable materials in addition to mined ores as part of a mission to reduce production costs, to become more environmentally friendly, and to ensure socially responsible corporate objectives.

In 2014, PDI reassessed its business structure in anticipation of a shift towards Green Business, with the objective to increase eco-efficiency and to foster sustainable growth. The Company is structured around three businesses: PDI Energy – providing energy from renewable sources; PDI Materials – providing added value materials from recycled metals; and PDI Eco – providing waste management solutions for complex industrial waste.

In 2016, PDI closed Mae Sod Mine due to depletion and plan to cease conventional zinc business by the end of 2017. PDI has marked substantial success with the investment in the first Solar Farm in Japan and Thailand in late of 2016, and also has had progress of the various investment projects in three new businesses: Energy, Materials and Eco.