Corporate Strategies in 2017

In 2017 will continue its diversification strategy in sustainable business. PDI aims to realize additional successful projects, balancing mergers, acquisitions and green field projects while carefully considering operational and investment expenses.

PDI will carefully execute the make-over plan for all its sites, based on ceasing the zinc operations and the start-up of new business.

In 2017, PDI will assure successful execution of the critical success factors for all main identified projects:

  1. Launch PDI Metals trading business to serve domestic customers after ceasing conventional zinc operations,
  2. Revamp the PDI Mae Ramat Solar farm and build the Solar farms in Japan,
  3. Start construction of PDI-CRT in Rayong,
  4. Obtain permits for PDI Tak Eco

Beyond 2017, PDI will transform from a Thai single-focus industrial company into an Asian multi-business holding, with a growing portfolio of industrial investments in Energy, Materials and Eco business.