Since 1995, Padaeng Industry has imported zinc sulphide as a feedstock for the refinery. Because of its slightly different properties, zinc sulphide must first be roasted to form the oxide “calcine” before the zinc can be extracted.

The company has converted its operations to include a facility to produce zinc oxide (calcine). This facility is located on the grounds of the Padaeng Industrial Estate at Map Ta Phut in Rayong province on the eastern seaboard of Thailand, which began operations mid-1995. Zinc sulphide is converted into calcine during the roasting process, while the sulphur constituent is converted into saleable sulphur acid. The calcine is then delivered to the zinc smelting plant in Tak province.

ISO Certifications

2009 : Re-cretificated the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for quality management from the BVQI.
2008 : Received the Thai labour standard certificate (Mor-Ror-Tor 8001:2003) from the Ministry of Labour.
2007 : Re-cretificated the ISO 14001:2004 accreditation for environmental management and the OHSAS 18001:2007/TIS 18001:1999 occupational health and safety accreditation from the BVQI.
2004 : ISO 14001 recertification for environmental standards from the BVQI.
2003 : TIS 18001 and OHSAS recognition for its occupational health and safety management systems accreditation from the BVQI.
2002 : ISO 9001 certification for quality management system from the BVQI


2008 : Received the outstanding metallurgy industry award from the Department of Primary Industries and Mines under the Ministry of Industry.
2008 : Received the outstanding award for safety, occupational health and working environment from the Ministry of Labour.
2008 : Received the Corporate Social Responsibility, (Department of Industrial Works: CSR-DIW) certificate from Ministry of Industry.
2007 : Received award for outstanding health and safety at work in 2007 for three consecutive years from the Ministry of Labour.
2006 : Won the outstanding energy conservation award in the Thailand Energy awards contest from Department of Alternetive Energy Development and Efficiency of the Ministry of Energy.
2006 : Received award for outstanding health and safety at work in 2006 for the second year from the Ministry of Labour.
2005 : Received award for good performing metallurgical plant from Department of Primary Industry and Mines (DPIM), Ministry of Industry.
2005 : Received award the “outstanding health and safety at work” in 2005 from the Ministry of Labour.

Mae Sod Office

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Muang district ,Rayong 21150, Thailand

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