Padaeng drives its business through innovation and sustainable growth. Our vision reflects Corporate Social Responsibility: We maximize added value for our clients, with respect to our people and the environment. We support the communities in which we operate and give the best possible return to our shareholders.

Anywhere we operate, we accomplish our social and environmental responsibilities, in close collaboration with all stakeholders. They include: our people, the public, non-governmental organizations and our shareholders. Our people are our most valuable assets. We guide them with honesty and fairness and are committed to maintain a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. We enable their personal development whilst invigorating a balance between their private and professional lives. Any discrimination within our company based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, age, political opinion, language, physical challenge is not tolerated.

We manage the environmental impact of our activities with a high sense of responsibility and awareness. We continuously develop our processes to minimize their environmental impact. We apply – beyond legal requirement – the best available environmental technology solutions in all processes.

We ensure effective stewardship of natural resources by minimizing our environmental footprint, reducing waste, and using energy, water and other raw materials efficiently an effectively. We support the improvement of society by building stimulating relationships and engaging clearly, openly and honestly with the local communities. We encourage our executives and all our people to participate in community volunteering. We value the traditions and culture of Thailand and comply with all legal regulations. We develop and implement policies to ensure that all of our partners and particularly our suppliers act in accordance with social responsibility standards.

Supported by our Code of Conduct – governing the acts and working relations of people, executives and board members with all stakeholders – we fight corruption in all its forms. We consider our success in corporate social responsibility as a significant criterion for evaluating the overall company performance. We share this policy with our people, partners and shareholders to illustrate our public commitment to fulfill our responsibility in creating a better world and a better future for mankind.