Communication on the closure of the zinc business

PDI has continuously communicated with the local communities on the change from zinc operations to the new businesses. Consequently, the communities have a clear understanding and are ready to continue the work jointly initiated by PDI and the communities, for the benefits of the community members, including:

The 60th Coronation Anniversary Fund for the Community’s Health and Welfare

in Mae Sod District, Tak Province: Four funds were established in 2006 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of King Rama IX’s coronation: Phra That Padaeng Sub-District Fund, Mae Tao Sub-District Fund, Mae Ku Municipality Sub-District Fund, and Mae Ku Sub-District Fund. PDI provided the initial financial support for each fund so that it could be used to improve the lives of people in the communities. The fund members appointed a committee to manage the funds in line with the objectives and needs of the members. 2016 was the 10th year of the funds, and it shows that the communities were able to strongly manage them independently, making the funds more sustainable.

Karen Hand Woven Cloth Group

in Mae Sod District, Tak Province: This project was initiated by Padaeng Industry Public Company Limited in cooperation with Padeh and Baan Tham Sua women’s groups. These small groups make hand woven cloth products including notebook covers, purses and hand bags. Phra That Padaeng Sub-District Administration Organization, Mae Sod District Community Development Office, and the Industry Promotion Agency provided training to the members so that they could improve the quality of their products to meet the needs of the consumers. In 2016, the distribution channels of these Karen hand-woven cloth products were expanded to cover both the local communities and the central part of the country. Some products have been sold at department stores in Bangkok, such as Siam Paragon and Central. PDI is proud of its initial support and has continued to help improve the groups’ potential through cooperation with various parties. As a result, the groups are now strong enough to endure in the future, after PDI completes its zinc business closure mission and moves out of the Mae Sod area.

Although the zinc production at the Mae Sod mine was discontinued in the middle of 2016, PDI still continues to render its assistance to improve the local communities in Tak and Rayong with a total budget exceeding 4 million Baht. The activities it supports involve education, religion, community service and culture.

Involving communities in the new business projects

PDI’s Community Relations Team met and exchanged opinions with the communities surrounding the Tak plant. They joined the villages’ monthly meetings and attended community activities as was deemed appropriate. Besides creating good relationships with the communities, this opened up opportunities for the company to hear their comments and concerns. Attending these meetings also showed PDI’s sincerity and intention to operate its businesses without impact on the environment or the nearby communities.

PDI involved the communities in its new investment projects, particularly in the Industrial Waste Management Center for Environmental Conservation in Tak. This project belongs to PDI Tak Eco Co., Ltd. and requires reporting on the evaluation of the impact on the environment and health also known as EHIA. The Kor 1 hearing was organized for the public to air their views February 3rd, 2017.