Human Resources

In 2003 the company initiated a voluntary early retirement program in order to reduce personnel budget to correspond to the working system in each department and to increase the overall efficiency of the company. Furthermore training programs are arranged for employees at all levels, which emphasize quality management and management skills that would be used in carrying out duties. The company’s personnel development efforts also include sending employees to attend training courses and study programs abroad. In addition, the zinc smelter office in Tak province received the award for outstanding labor welfare practices for a medium-sized business, from the Ministry of Labor.

As of the end of 2003, the company employed a work force totaling 745 people, made up of 86 employees at the Bangkok office, 427 people at the smelter office, 139 people at the Mae Sot mine office and 93 people at the calcine plant office.

Year Number of Employees (persons)
2003 745
2002 751
2001 750
2000 759
1999 807
1998 811
1997 820