Press Release

Year 2004

12/Nov/04 Padaeng reports Q3 profit of 67.4 million Baht
17/Aug/04 Padaeng announces Q2 net profit of 45.94 million Baht
27/Jul/04 Padaeng awards academic scholarships
24/May/04 Padaeng announces first quarter 04 performance
22/Feb/04 Padaeng announced performance results for 2003
07/Jan/04 Royal visit to Padaeng Mine

Year 2003

17/Nov/03 Padaeng announces 9-month operating performance: Net Profit of 7.1 million Baht
15/Aug/03 In a depressed zinc prices environment, Padaeng reports a first half loss of 6 million Baht.
27/Jun/03 Padaeng received outstanding labour welfare award
06/Jun/03 Padaeng awarded ISO/IEC 17025 Certificate for zinc metal quality testing
16/May/03 Padaeng Profits 32.7 million Baht in First Quarter 2003
28/Apr/03 DGM Laos visit Padaeng
27/Mar/03 Padaeng receives TIS 18001 certificate
24/Feb/03 Padaeng reports operating results for 2002

Year 2002

23/Dec/02 Royal visit to Padaeng Mine
14/Nov/02 Padaeng announces 9-month operating performance for 2002
15/Aug/02 Padaeng profits 15.1 million Baht in first half of 2002
08/Aug/02 Padaeng obtains zinc mining license
16/May/02 World Zinc Price drops 22% Results in a Q1 net loss of 5.98 million Baht for Padaeng
28/Feb/02 Padaeng reports net profits of 335.30 million Baht for 2001

Year 2001

16/Nov/01 PDI announces 3rd Quarter and 9-month erformance Baht.
15/Aug/01 First-half profit for Padaeng jumped 325% to 402.7 million Baht.
15/May/01 Padaeng's first quarter profit jumps 63% to 118.14 million Baht.
22/Feb/01 Padaeng's profit jumped 88% to 323.7 million Baht.

Year 2000

13/Dec/00 Padaeng Poongsan Metals sold its assets for 228 million baht.
14/Nov/00 Padaeng posts 75.7 million baht net profit in three quarters.
21/Aug/00 Padaeng partners up with Pan Australian Resources to prospect for copper project.
15/Aug/00 Padaeng Industry reports a first-half net profit of 94.8 million baht
13/Jul/00 Padaeng Industry appoints Managing Director.
11/Jul/00 Padaeng obtains a mining and further exploration license in Laos.
30/Jun/00 Infrastructure development projects boost domestic zinc demand.
20/Jun/00 A dramatic market improvement for zinc sent Padaeng's five-month metal sales to grow by 17%.
15/May/00 Padaeng first quarter profit surged to 72.4 million baht.
12/May/00 Union Miniere Invests in Padaeng Industry Public Company Limited
29/Feb/00 Padaeng Turns Profits in 1999
10/Jan/00 Padaeng Industry Is ISO 9002 Certified

Year 1999

16/Aug/99 Padaeng Profited 111 Million Baht in the First Half
26/May/99 The Board of Directors of Padaeng Industry Appointed New President & CEO
18/May/99 First Quarter Financial Results of Padaeng Industry
27/Apr/99 Padaeng Industry reports an improving trend for the domestic zinc market
03/Mar/99 Padaeng Reports 1,040 Million Baht Profit from Operations