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  • Uses

    Zinc mineral is a natural metal ore consisting of zinc and many other substances. Zinc is very important to the growth of human beings, animals and plants. When zinc mineral is smelted, the subsequent metal is useful to a wide range of industries. It is considered one of the most valuable minerals for our economy.

    Good for our Health : Zinc is an essential nutrient mineral, required for a healthy immune system, for replenishment of the skin and for the development of the brain. Zinc is mostly found in meat, fish, rice, grains and green vegetables.

    Benefits for Industry : With its unique corrosion-resistance properties and tolerance to sunlight, zinc is used in the following applications:
    1. Zinc Ingot (99.995% purity)
      • plating and laminating metal, such as metal tubes, plates, wires, nails, nets, etc., to prevent rusting.
      • blending with copper to produce brass for brassware, furniture, etc.
      • production of flash light batteries and car battery covers
      • production of zinc oxide as a component in automobile, paint, cosmetics, medicines, and for use in the animal feed industry.

    2. Zinc Alloy (a mixture of zinc, aluminum and magnesium) It is used to increase strength and durability in carburetors, toy cars, windows and door knobs, etc.

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