Report to SET

Clarification on the company’s performance results in 2000

From the company’s statements of income as of Equity Method, the company’s 2000 sales revenue is Bt5,400.4m which increased from that of 1999 by Bt919.3m or a 20.5 % increase. The net income is Bt323.7m or an earning per share of Bt1.95 compared to an earning per share of Bt1.14 in the year 1999.

From the company’s consolidated statements of income, the net income for the year 2000 is Bt211.0m or an earning per share of Bt1.27, a 45% increase as compared to the net income of Bt145m and earning per share of Bt0.96 in 1999.

The improved performance was due to the increase in production and sales especially on the value added product together with the fact that the domestic zinc market has increased from 67% in 1999 to 72% in 2000 and the increase in LME zinc price.