Report to SET

Report on the utilization of the increased capital

We refer to (i) the new shares allotted and sold to a specific investor totalling 75,100,007 units at Baht 13.50 each, of which the net fund received amounted to Bt1,013.85m, as detailed in our letter ref. PDI.B.02.65/2000 of 27 July 2000, and (ii) paragraph 8 of notification of the board of governors of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, re.: rules, conditions and procedures governing the disclosure of information in respect of capital increase of listed companies dated 31 December 2000.

According to the objective and plan of the capital increase, the proceeds would be used to repay the company’s debt. On 20 July 2000 the company has received the payment of the capital increase and on 21 July the company has repaid the said debt in the amount of Bt835.62m according to the Second Override Amendment Agreement dated 2 June 2000. The remaining capital increase in the amount of Bt178.23m will be utilized as the company’s working capital.