Report to SET

Resolutions of the Extraordinary shareholders’ meeting No. 1/2000

The Extraordinary shareholders’ meeting No. 1/2000 of Padaeng Industry Limited, held on 13 July 2000, has resolved the following:

  • Approved minutes of the 2000 Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on 28 April 2000.

  • Approved the restructuring of the management structure of the Company, the establishment and appointment of the Strategic Committee within the Company, the authority and the responsibilities of the Strategic Committee.

  • Acknowledged the resignation of Dr. Vuthiphong Priebjrivat and Mr. Rod Webster and the appointment of Mr. Paron Israsena as audit committee member. Approved the amendment to the number of directors of the Company to be 11 directors and the appointment of 1. Mr. Karel Vinck; 2. Mr. Jean-Luc Deleersnyder; 3. Mr. Andr? van der Heyden; and 4. Mr. Christian Lemaitre to be additional directors of the Company. Approved the change of title of Mr. Pinit Vongmasa from President & the Chief Executive Officer to Chief Executive Officer and the appointment of Mr. Andr? van der Heyden as the Managing Director, as well as Mr. Vinai Vamvanij and Mr. Jean-Luc Deleersnyder to be members of the first Strategic Committee. Also approved are three directors namely, Mr. Arsa Sarasin, Mr. Pinit Vongmasa and Mr. Andr? van der Heyden to be the authorized directors who any of the two can jointly sign with the company seal’s affixed to blind the Company.

  • Approved the amendment of the Articles of Association of the Company by repealing the current Articles of Association and replacing with the new Articles of Association.

  • Acknowledged the resolution of the Board of Director meeting No. 6/2000 which approved the allotment of the remaining 75,100,007 ordinary shares for capital increase of the Company to offer for sale to Union Miniere, S.A. (UM) at the price of 13.50 Baht per share, totaling 1,013,850,094.50 Baht. For this transaction, UM has received a tender offer wavier from SEC (letter No. 1319/2543)