Environmental Protection & Community Relations

Environmental Protection

Over the course of its 20-year history, the company has always been mindful of protecting the environment and preserving the balance of nature and way of life of the local community to ensure that they exist together in harmony. Steps have been taken to protect against and treat pollution in the waterways, air and soil, maintaining the highest level of safety for the environment and the community. Company employees are rigorously educated on environmental protection measures and methods and continuously monitor and analyze conditions of the environment to make certain governmental standards are met.

Important environmental protection measures taken by the company during the year include :
  • Construction of a new residue pond at the Tak smelter, at a cost of Baht 90 million
  • Completion of a Baht 5 million renovation of the wastewater treatment pond located at the Tak smelter
  • Decommissioning of four residue ponds, at a cost of Baht 25 million in order to guarantee safety and environmental conditions surrounding the smelter area
  • Construction of three new residue ponds at the Mae Sot site to hold ore processed from flotation, to allow the formation of sediment before the treated water is recycled and reused, without allowing the water to flow in public waterways
  • Contribution of Baht 726,745 to a reforestation project to develop 1,000 rai of land at the Mae Sot National Park in the township of Pra Tad Padaeng, Mae Sot district in Tak province

Community Relations

Out of genuine concern for the well being of the community and a mindset that the company is part of the community, each and every year, the company lends its support and assistance to community development activities, especially those activities that improve the quality of life of local citizens. Development projects at the forefront of the company’s efforts include education and public health, and are carried out in 3 main ways, as follows:
  1. Making charitable contributions in the form of money and necessities
    • Providing academic scholarships and educational materials to local schools totaling Baht 1,026,934
    • Donating Baht 500,000 in financial support and consumer goods productsto aid victims of severe flooding, in conjunction with governmental and private agencies
    • Supporting public benefit efforts and religious activities by providing monetary donations worth a total of Baht 3,061,262
    • Organizing the “Understanding the value of Thai heritage with Padaeng” youth camp to teach students from local schools about the benefits of Thai medicinal herbs and create awareness about conservation of natural resources.

  2. Joining together with members of the local community to conduct volunteer work projects
    • Volunteering with local citizens and teachers from the Baan Pa Dae School in Mae Sot district of Tak province to construct a vocational school building for high school students named “Padaeng 20th Anniversary Building”
    • Volunteering with teachers and students of the Baan Ta Lae School in the township of Nong Bua Tai, Muang district of Tak province to renovate the nurse’s office, children’s playground, library and surrounding landscape

  3. Supporting local community self-reliance and vocational groups
    • Donating Baht 185,000 to the Pra Tad Padaeng agriculture group in Mae Sot to sponsor the building of its public rice mill to encourage all-inclusive farming

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