Sadudee Maharacha

Pertrachian) form though I have varied some times to use the ABAB CDCD, EFEF, GG (modified Shakespearean) rhyme scheme. Given the “economy of expression” I have had to crystallize my images, and figures of speech to be descriptive but in intensely imagistic styles, allowing at the same time to give the liberal spirit to the expression of love, admiration, adulation wherein I hope not to exceed that of the Thais, but to merely vary it in the English expression. The sonnet verse form demands discipline of expression. Within the economy of expression of my poems, I have placed as central image with all its metaphors and associated meanings, King Bhumibol Adulyadej himself. All other images refer back to the centrality of the King’s role in a painting that is so unique to the beauty of the orient land, the gracefulness of its people, but also the charm of its ancient traditions and culture. If my expressions of poetry are attributable to the solitary mind of the poet, the three lyrics I penned for music, were set to music by Siripong Santiyothin, a Thai former student of mine, a talented organist and pianist, and Mr. Paulo Zereu, a piano virtuoso and Brazilian professor of music in the Assumption University Faculty of Music. All three songs celebrate King Bhumibol’s life at heightened moments of glorious anniversaries. The song Glory to You Gracious King has been rendered in both English and Thai versions and featured in a Live Radio Chulalongkorn Program on November 28, 1999 in anticipation of His Majesty’s 72 birthday anniversary on December 5, 1999. Lyricism in the song is heightened by the extreme mellifluousness of the Thai female and male voices which sang the song, and the Thai translation done by a former Thai student and colleague of mine, Tarnthip Hathamart is a true masterpiece of the statement of effort of love for the King. Sadly King Bhumibol the Great is no more. May His spirit rest in peace. Among the many endeavors to perpetuate His memory and great legacy for His people and for a Kingdom he truly loved, I do sincerely hope that my collection of poems and songs will add a mere note to a greater symphony of music and art, the collective body of expressions of love and respect for a Great King who remains teacher, philosopher and guide to me in the labyrinths of life’s beauty and challenges. June 2017