Operational Results


In 2001 the Padaeng mine produced a total of 139,050 dmt of zinc silicate ore at a grade of 17.45% zinc, containing 24,265 mt of zinc metal as shown in Table 1

Limestone waste from the mine is crushed and screened for use in construction. In 2001, 110,646 cubic metres of aggregate were produced. A total of 124,041 cubic metres of aggregate were sold to Sila Enterprise Co.,Ltd., a Padaeng affiliated company.

During the same period, Padaeng Industry (Laos) Co.,Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, exploited the mining lease granted to it in the Loa People’s Republic (Kaiso). The mine produced 15,935 dmt of ore at 32.39% zinc. The ore has been transported to and processed in the Tak smelter.

Table 1: Ore Mined

Ore (DMT) %Zn Grade Zn Metal
2001 139,050 17.45 24,265
2000 133,759 20.41 27,305
1999 153,218 15.62 23,931
1998 153,030 16.44 25,161

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