Zinc Alloy Ingot PADAENG DA-5

Zinc die-casting alloy

Zinc Alloy Ingot PADAENG DA-3

Zinc die-casting alloy


Special High Grade Zinc

Padaeng Special High Grade Zinc Ingot with the brand name PADAENG THAILAND is registered on the London Metals Exchange since 1989. The quality of its products are acceptable in local and international markets.

In the local market, Padaeng Industry emphasises consistent customer service, rapid delivery of goods from its warehouse in Bang Pa-in, and providing technical advice to customers.

Padaeng Industry also organises seminars for Zinc-related industries, governmental sectors, architects, engineer and universities to promote wider usage of zinc.

To fulfil customer requirements further, other tailor made zinc alloys can also be supplied upon request.

For the export market, as the sole smelter in Southeast Asia providing acceptable quality products and technical services, Padaeng Industry can render faster delivery of goods and technical assistance to customers than other zinc suppliers in the region.


Marketing and Sales


Thanathorn Vorapongsathorn
Tel : 02(+66)-695-9343
E-mail : [email protected]

Atchara Wuttisaranakom
Tel : 02(+66)-695-9474
E-mail : [email protected]

Praew Treejakhajohn
Tel : 02(+66)-695-9473
E-mail : [email protected]