Human Resources Management


The Company always pays attention to human resource management by encouraging employees to develop their knowledge and abilities in the work and to have good attitude and work ethic. There are training sessions both inside and outside the organization and consideration to adjust employee compensation and benefits at an appropriate level comparing with the labor market in the same business group.

Employee Compensation

The Company provides appropriate compensation and benefits for employees as per labor law requirement, such as health insurance compensation, medical expenses, provident fund, staff uniform and various facilities including to improve the appropriate annual health examination program. In 2020, the Company paid remuneration for employees with total amount of 83.53 million Baht which are salary, bonus, provident fund, shift fee, overtime pay as well as other various benefits including compensation for termination of employment due to business modification. In addition, the subsidiary companies have also paid the compensation to employees with total amount of 6.35 million Baht. At the end of 2020, there were total 62 employees in PDI and its affiliated companies.

Employee Benefits

The Company always takes the life quality of their employees into account so they provide continuously various welfare to employees and their families such as provident fund, life insurance, accident insurance, health insurance that covers their families’ dental welfare and annual health check. There are also arrangement of appropriate annual vacations, annual party catering for various occasions, annual employee seminars and award money in the case of employees’ working age.

Knowledge Development

The Company has allocated a certain budget to encourage employees to develop their knowledge, abilities and skills necessary to work by arranging training programs for both internal trainings by inviting speakers who have high capability in each field such as emotional and mind-setting management training or the soft skill training and external trainings by allowing to attend their interested training courses related to work.


Safety and Occupational Health


Safety and Occupational Health

Due to the severe coronavirus outbreak in 2020 (COVID-19), the country’s economy recessed and some businesses had to shut down or have employees laid off. This is a critical test of the Company’s human resource management to be able to get through the crisis without any impact on the employees. The Company strictly complied with preventive measures, operational guidelines, surveillance and COVID-19 control measurement announced by the Department of Communicable Disease Control, Ministry of Health. The Company established their own guidelines to avoid the infection risk; that is, to support employees to work at home (Work from Home), prepare alcohol and disinfectant gels, increase frequency of cleaning in the office and keep communicating with the employees closely and continuously.

Furthermore, the Company also set up the COVID-19 prevention and control guidelines for third parties who come to contact or work within the company area, especially contractors who came to carry out the demolition of the equipment and machinery inside the zinc smelting plant in Tak Province. In addition, personal protective equipment, tools and machinery of suitable and adequate standards must be provided for work safety while everyone must cooperate to comply with the Company’s practice guidelines. Although Tak Province is in the red-controlled zone in the new epidemic, there was no report of infection.

The Company also encourages employees to participate in social projects such as donating bags to help those affected by the COVID-19 situation in Bangkok and other provinces as well as delivering such assistance to former employees of the Company who were affected in various provinces.


Participation in Community and Social Development


The Company put high importance on practicing social responsible business (Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR) and also realize on social creativity, environment and quality of people’s lives. Each year the company have regularly allocated certain amount of budget to support activities or programs that benefit and meet the needs of the community and society for more than 40 years with emphasis on education, public health, religion, traditions, cultures, public interest and occupational promotion to enhance developing communities to be more strengthened and self-reliable.

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic since the beginning of year 2020 has been continuing and causing severe negative impact all over the world. This is not just the global public health crisis but also a severe social and economic crisis arising out because of stringent disease preventive measures in various countries. The consequences of these make the global economic activities become sudden stagnation and no resolution until this year. The overall economy in Thailand has been damaged seriously especially key industries line tourism and airline. The export business has encountered a sharp decline due to the lower global demand. The shutdowns of enterprises also affected on people’s income and the nationwide employment.

To take part in helping people affected by the COVID-19 crisis, Padaeng Industry Public Company Limited and Country Group Holdings Public Company Limited have jointly organized a social project, “Sharing to fight against COVID-19”, to provide more than 10,000 sets of utility packages and distribute them to the affected in Bangkok and communities nearby factories in various provinces. The Company allocates the budget of more than of 5.5 million Baht for this project together with donations from employees to deliver necessary life bags to alleviate the suffering for a continuous period of two months in May and June.

This activity is just one of those aiming to relieve the COVID-19 situation and to encourage people to get through the difficult time together.

Those activities are also based on safety and hygiene factors to the participants and crucially taken into account in accordance with the measures of The Ministry of Public Health for social distancing, wearing face masks and using protective hygiene equipment to prevent the disease. The company group has also coordinated with the relevant local government agencies and community leaders in each to visit. All activities accomplished smoothly.


Supply Chain Management


The Company establishes a code of conduct for business partners which covers all important aspects of business ethics, corporate social responsibility, environment, occupational health and safety as well as the principles of human rights and anti-corruption. The Company’s business partners can be communicated via various channels. All suppliers or contractors have to be assessed before and after work implementation to ensure safe operation and punctual delivery.


For affiliates or joint ventures, the Company has a central procurement department to oversee policies and to control in order to operate in line with the rule announcement for trading partners. There is a preventive risk management to the trading partners that may affect the Company’s business operations in aspects of economy, society and environment. Nonetheless, the Company strives to strengthen cooperation with partners in order to use resources with valuable cost effective and purchase assets under friendly environment factors.