PDI remains committed to its anti-corruption policy statement announced early 2015. “PDI is committed to conducting all of its business in an honest and ethical way. The Company has adopted a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption to comply with its good governance principle and to achieve sustainable development. In 2016, the Audit Committee Charter has been revised in order to clearly specify the committee’s objectives, roles and responsibilities for due conformance.


PDI conducted training and handed out manuals on Code of conduct and anti-corruption policy to the Board of Directors, management and staff.  The company also provided an orientation program to the intake process for new employees to make them understand PDI Code of conduct and anti-corruption policy, PDI also communicates these measures through our intranet and website for clearer understanding.

Whistle-blowing and Investigation Process

PDI has created complaint channels together with a response process, with the aim that all employees will work together to ensure compliance with these measures as corporate governance. To ask questions regarding business ethics or to file a complaint against alleged violations of PDI Code of conduct or anti-corruption policy, individuals can contact Internal Audit unit or Audit Committee through Secretary of the Audit Committee at e-mail:

All complaint submissions are treated equally, transparently, attentively, fairly and are considered by proper investigation committee and within reasonable time frames. Confidentiality is guaranteed, and those who file complaints are duly protected against retribution before or after the investigation to be in line with the protection of employee policy. The Company is committed to ensuring that no employee will suffer demotion, penalty or other adverse consequences for making a complaint report or refusing to pay bribes even if such refusal may result in the company losing business. The investigation result will be reported to related persons within 30 days after receiving the complaint letter, depending on the case.

In 2018, no complaint against alleged violations of PDI Code of conduct or anti-corruption policy.

Violations and Punishment

Deliberate non-compliance with Code of conduct and the Anti-Corruption policy will not be tolerated and may, in accordance with relevant legislation, lead to internal disciplinary actions, dismissal or even criminal prosecution. Each case will be reviewed objectively in full recognition of the circumstances.

Internal Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment

In addition, PDI staged risk assessments for internal corruption practices and developed anti-corruption measures in line with the assessed risks for the management and employees to comply with.

PDI’s Internal Audit Department audited the work processes with the assessed risks and examined the appropriateness of the internal control system and the effectiveness of the anti-corruption measures. This helped strongly to ensure that our employees strictly complied with the measures, and to establish sufficient internal control to protect the company from fraud & corruption.


PDI publicly discloses information about Code of conduct and the anti-corruption policy to public and community by posting on the Company’s website.

PDI communicates to all vendors, suppliers, contractors, agents and intermediaries at the outset of every business relationship with the company and as appropriate thereafter in order to make them clearly understand of the company’s standpoint.

PDI encourages every person it deals with to adhere to similar standards of the anti-corruption or become an ally of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption (CAC) as we are.


Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption or CAC

In 2015, PDI announced its desire to become an ally of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption (CAC).  And then, the company has been certified by CAC on March 9, 2017 and received the certificate on June 28, 2017. Furthermore, PDI has supported and joined the campaign “No Gift Policy” of CAC by posting on company website and internal communication i.e. the banner for e-mail signature for convincing employees at all levels to not accept or give a gift or entertainment to or from anyone during festival time to prevent and avoid bribery.



“Our success is driven by Sustainability values and will be deprived of Bribery and Corruption”