Human Resources Management

PDI realizes the importance of human resources management and has, therefore, focused on building and developing personnel with knowledge, skills, a positive attitude, ethics and integrity.  The Company also encourages staff to fully use their knowledge and skills, and provides them with opportunities for growth.

The Company’s internal management structure has been adjusted to be in line with PDI’s new businesses which focus on renewable energy and real estate.  As a result, PDI requires a lot of qualified personnel to support its future business expansion.  Recruitment strategy and process have been adjusted to be more proactive so as to attract personnel with the required knowledge and skills.  In addition, retaining qualified staff is also emphasized to leverage the Company’s human resources competitiveness potential in terms of capacity and capability.

In 2019, PDI paid out a total of 114 Million Baht to its staff.  This amount included salary, bonus, provident fund, shift pay, overtime pay, various benefits and welfare, compensation in case of termination as a result of business change, and compensation in case of retirement.  In addition, PDI’s subsidiaries paid out 7MB to their staff. At the end of 2019, the total number of PDI’s and its subsidiaries’ staff was 66.

Safety and Occupational Health

Safety and Occupational Health

Ensuring that work environment is appropriate and safe for its staff is one of PDI’s top priorities, as announced in its policy and direction regarding safety, occupational health and work environment.  This policy includes PDI’s contractors, customers, visitors and those who come to work in the Company’s premises.

During the past year, PDI removed the machinery and equipment in the Roaster in Rayong Province after the termination of its zinc business.  The contractors’ work was closely supervised based on the strict work safety and environmental management standards specified by the laws.  Risks were assessed, and safe removal steps were identified.  Staff required permission to work in risky areas and were trained on safety measures before the work started.  In addition, appropriate and sufficient equipment and tools were prepared for the staff to ensure maximum safety.  As a result, the removal of the machinery and equipment at the ore dressing plant was successfully completed without any single accident.  Similarly, the removal of machinery and equipment at the zinc smelting plant in Tak Province will be as strict to ensure maximum safety at every step.

As for the Group’s 7 solar farms, a “zero” accident has been set as a target for work safety and occupational health measures.  At the same time, the head office which is located on a high rise building has cooperated with the building’s juristic person to prevent and eliminate fire.  The work includes patrols, campaigns to prevent fire, fire drills, fire evacuation practices and fire relief.  Besides, the building space is managed so that there is no material or risky work that may cause fire.  In 2019, there was no accident at work; thus, no average leave rate as a result of accidents at work and no work injury.  Moreover, PDI continues to provide an annual health examination for all staff.

Participation in Community and Social Development

PDI continues to support the activities or projects that are beneficial to communities and societies in general, as a return of part of its profit to societies.  This support reflects in the implementation of the projects and activities which have responded to the needs of the communities for almost 40 years since its establishment.  Each year, a budget is allocated to support education, public health, religion, tradition and culture, public welfare and occupational development.  The main objective is to help strengthen communities so that they can depend on themselves.

During the past year, the Group continued to provide educational support and participated in community activities as deemed appropriate.  Examples included the donation of educational and sports supplies, the provision of prizes for children on Children’s Day, merit making and the donation of Buddhist Lent’s candles.  In addition, PDI provided opportunities for youth and villagers in the surrounding area to visit the Group’s solar farms to learn about clean energy.  The Company also supported the construction of Mae Ramat Estate Cooperative Limited’s community store where members of the community can sell their products.

Supply Chain Management

PDI holds on to the Code of Conduct for Suppliers which is distributed to all suppliers and covers important points such as business ethics, social responsibility, environment, occupational health and safety as well as human rights and anti-corruption.  The permanent termination of the zinc business has reduced the number of suppliers.  However, PDI still continues to assess the suppliers or contractors before and after their practice to ensure work safety and on-time work transfer.  As for the Company’s new businesses including its subsidiaries and joint ventures, PDI has assigned the central purchasing unit to oversee the policy and supervision to ensure compliance with the announced practice.  In addition, management and preventive measures against risks from suppliers that may impact PDI’s business operation economically, socially and environmentally have also been put in place.