Sustainable Environmental Management Approach

PDI is committed to minimizing the environmental impact as a result of the Group’s production and business operation. Its emphasis is on high standard environmental management, maximum utilization of resources, greenhouse gas management and adjustment.  In addition, the efficient use of energy, waste material management and the use of innovation and the best technology in its investment projects are also focused.  All these measures will help protect as well as minimize the possible impact and risks on the surrounding communities and environment.  PDI’s business decisions on new investment projects are based not only on economic factors but also on environment and society as well as hygiene and safety of all concerned.


In 2019, PDI permanently terminated its zinc business, but it has continued to assess the possible risks and impact on the environment as a result of the termination.  The Company has appropriately managed the environment and has strictly followed the government’s rules and regulations.  PDI is confident that the termination of the whole production process will not have any impact on the surrounding environment and communities.  This is because PDI has operated with strict environmental measures at all of its business locations.

  • PDI commissioned a contractor to demolish the production building and remove the machinery at the zinc smelting plant in Tak province within 540 days (November 2019 – April 2021). The contractor started the work according to the specified plan which included risk assessment as well as corrective and preventive measures to avoid any possible work accidents.  It also included environmental assessment as well as corrective and preventive measures to avoid any impact on the environment as a result of the demolition.  The contractor is required to provide personal safety equipment, tools and machines that are appropriate and sufficient, along with an engineer and a safety officer who must supervise the work closely.  Moreover, PDI follows up the work of the contractor closely with emphasis on work safety and environmental management that is in line with the specific laws.
  • PDI removed the machines and equipment at the ore dressing plant in Rayong province without any impact. The work was completed in July 2019.
  • PDI has continued to monitor and measure the quality of environment after 5 years of mining operation (2017 – 2021) at Mae Sot Mine, Tak province. It has measured 1) the quality of surface water in Mae Tao and Mae Ku basins, 2) the quality of underground water both inside and outside the project area, 3) the quality of water released from the last sediment tank, and 4) the quality of water in the last sediment tank (if it is not released outside). The quality tests are done during the dry and the rainy seasons, and the results have still been within the standard criteria.
  • PDI has continued to focus on minimizing the energy use at its head office by appropriately adjusting the work area and continuing with the campaign to reduce the use of energy and various resources. This includes turning off computers and lights when they are not in use, reducing the use of paper and other supplies, etc.
  • PDI has 9 solar farms both in Thailand and Japan with a total production capacity of 50 megawatts. Solar farms help reduce the greenhouse gas when compared with the common power generation in Thailand which uses fossils as fuel.  The total 70 million kilowatt hours of electricity generated by the Company’s solar farms during the past year helped reduce the release of carbon dioxide equivalent to 42,651 tons of carbon dioxide.